Does the Arduino store have all the components I need to buy and built my own cell phone? I am a student at Itt tech in Springfield, Il and this is the project I chose for my capstone. Looking to buy all the parts before the new quarter next week.

This should give you enough information and direction as to what you need, and where you can buy it:

That said, you haven't indicated what you expect from such a cellphone (the above device can make and receive calls, and maybe store a few numbers - but that's about it); don't expect to build a complex smartphone, though.

You also don't say what your level of involvement will be - are you expecting to simply plug a few modules together and maybe solder some mostly passive components? Then the device above should give you enough. If, however, you are expecting to build your own cell-phone GSM receiver radio, etc from the ground up - then that's a much more complicated problem which the above device and design doesn't address.

My extent of involvement for the project is to be able to make/receive calls, send/receive texts and store some numbers. That is the most integral setup at this time because I am doing it for my capstone project and what to have as much time as possible. I ordered the e-paper shield and 2.0' e-paper panel. I also ordered the GSM but never received it and am in the process and finding out what happened to it. No I do not intent to build a smartphone just one for them general purposes. After the capstone class is complete or before if I have the time I would like to incorporate a wi-fi shield or Ethernet shield to connect to the internet, if the GSM can't do that function already. I already own both the Esporla and UNO R3 but only am using the Arduino UNO Rev3 for the cell phone.