ComPort Problems

Hey i am having a problem with my arduino uno, were the green light comes on when the usb cable is connected. But i cannot fined the comport, even though i have installed it. I used to be able to load code but cannot anymore. Please Help

Do you have anything connected to pin 0 and 1 ? or shields? Remove them and try again...

I’m having the same problem! Last night I was working on a sketch and it was fine. Then I changed some code and went to upload it to the Arduino when I got a sync error. Since then, the Arduino receives power from the USB and is running its sketch, but there does not seem to be a data connection to the computer. The board does not appear in Device Manager, and its COM port does not even appear as an option in the Arduino IDE.

For me, I have no shields or anything connected to the board besides USB.

Try in another PC