Comprehensive Arduino tutorial for displays

A friend gave me a beginner's Arduino kit for Christmas that did a great job at walking me through lots of things to do with LEDs. I really want to get into Arduino so I bought an LCD shield as my next thing to explore. Specifically, I purchased an 'UNO R3 2.8 TFT Touch Screen' from Amazon but I cannot for the life of me find any instructions out there. The adafruit libraries don't seem to interact with it but then again I also have no idea where to begin. Instructables doesn't seem to have tutorials for anyone without an electronics background.

Is there anywhere out there / does anybody know of a comprehensive tutorial for how to work with LCD displays? I was a programmer in a previous life but I can't understand electronics data sheets for the life of me. I would really like to find a tutorial that includes the necessary components to purchase since there seems to be a ton of variability in each part.

Thanks for your time!

Difficult. As comments on the Amazon web site say: No docs available. Without at least a hint what kind of controller is inside, it is difficult to make this display work.

The missing documentation was also mentioned in one of the comments. Very often comments will at least give you a hint on how to bring this display alive. However for this display such hint are also missing. How did the 5 star comments make this display work? One of the comments seems to be from a girl. Her other comments go to bikini and other none electronics stuff. So the question is, how trustable are these 5 star comments.

Conclusion: Difficult to help here.

Find a library first, then buy the display.


I have seen a similar display with a red pcb. It says 2.6" TFT LCD Shield and has pin functions printed next to each pin. It has a 3 terminal voltage regulator. It does NOT have HC245 buffers.

If you describe what is printed on your "blue" pcb, we can at least suggest how to identify the controller. There are several controllers and several touchscreen wiring schemes. I have a ILI9320, ILI9325, ST7781, S6D0154 on UNO shields. They are "similar" but different.

Ebay and Amazon vendors have no shame. They would sell you a grandmother if she had "Arduino" written on her.