Compressor Control

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I would like to build a compressor control with a microcontroller and a touch display.
I was thinking about using two arduino uno and a 104030004 - TFT Touch-Shield, or maybe you could give me better solution. One arduino for the In and Outputs and one for the touch display. Do you think this could this work?
In The attachment I have made a simple recommendation overview and displayed my first thoughts.
Thank you very much for your support and inputs.

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Arduino.pdf (145 KB)

I would suggest that you use a Mega instead of 2 Unos. The Mega has plenty of pins to do the job and you won't have to hassle with setting up communication between the 2 Unos.


Thank you for your reply. Then I will use the arduino mega.

Which display would you recomend? Is the 104030004 - TFT Touch-Shield a good choice?

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I have no experience with that display, so do not feel qualified to make a recommendation.