computer / arduino / motors distances

I didnt see this question asked so I am going to ask. Sorry if is duplicate

I am setting a turret up to run off of arduino.

This turret is located approximately 150 feet from my computer.

Do i set my arduino and motor controller up near my computer and run power wires to my turret or should i set my arduino up at the turret and run cat 5/6 to computer with a usb interface at the arduino?

if I set the arduino up at the turret then I have to send information from my computer to the arduino which is a good distance and im not sure what latency would be.

If i set the arduino up at the computer then i need to run power wires to the turret and again i am not sure what there would be for latency.

So what advice can i get from you?

I am completely new to this side of electronics.

USB distance is limited to 1-2 m,, serial link 10-15 m. So if you have to run power wires anyway, better to run power wires only.

This depends on which is better for response time.

I could run a cat5 all the way to the turret and interface the arduino there with a usb/ethernet adapter.

I just want to be sure to go the route than will give best performance.

What do you mean by performance? How fast you turret is moving, that microseconds delay would be an issue?
Is it DC motors?

it is dc motors operating as servos.

What I mean by performance, is delay between computer sending an action and the turret perfoming that action.

Theoretically there are three possible scenarios that could happen

  1. is the arduino being by the computer giving quicker response
  2. is the arduino by the turret giving quicker response
  3. the response time is the same in either setup.

I would prefer to know which of the three scenarios is accurate before i finish out my build, but if I cant get the answer, then I can test the scenarios after its finished.

If I test after its finished then i would be looking at unneeded expenses to set up the tests.

This is why I am asking now. To save those unneeded expenses.

From pure physics perspective there is no difference, delay is defined by :
Maxwell's equations - Wikipedia. Little bit less than speed of light, due dielectrical constant of wires insulator,