Computer cant find Arduino after flashing


i have an 3D Printer (Da Vinci Duo 2.0A). In this Device works an electronic Equipment which comes up after clear fash as a Arduino Due.

Unfortunately, the flash attempt failed. After I got the device from USB and reconnected, he did not recognize the device. The device manager runs in a loop in which again comes the message that he does not recognize the hardware. If I go to the entry with the yellow exclamation mark to let another driver search manually, then comes the message that he could not find a better driver.

My idea was to empty the flash again with the jumper in the hope he will recognize the device again. Entwerder he did not recognize the second reset or I did not close the contact properly, the device is still no longer recognized. I already tried another laptop.

Yesterday I wrote in the special forum for Repetier, but there are the last answers back a long time.

What else can I do.

Best regards


Link to Github