Computer crashes when starting serial monitor on my win 10 pc (32-bit)


I am a complete new to arduino, found already lots of solutions in your forum for my problems - thanks for that. But now I have a problem, which makes my first post necessary:

I have installed the Arduino Software IDE 1.6.7 on 4 different computers, all are Windows 10, 2 are 64-Bit and 2 are 32-bit. On those with 32-bit the software works fine and also uploading the code to the arduino is working fine.
But when I start Serial Monitor or Serial Plotter this crashes these two PCs and I receive the following error messages "Kernel security check failure".

Does anyone have an idea for a solution. These 2 PCs are old - on is a Asus Eee PC 1015HA - which I thought is good enough for programming and playing around with arduino - but without serial monitor it is not useful.

Thanks in advance,

Original Arduino's or clones? Sounds like a problem in the driver...

Does the 64 PC work fine?

A EEE PC should ineed work okay. Don't know about the other 32-bit PC but unless it's also a EEE PC or something else 32-bit only I would switch it to 64-bit.

The Arduinos are clones - but they work fine on my 64-bit computers. The only problem is serial monitor and serial plotter on the 32-bit computers (one is a Asus Eee PC 1015HA - Atom inside 32-bit, second one is also a atom based computer with 32-bit). I always receive a crash when opening serial monitor.

But everything is working fine on my 64-bit computers (also serial monitor and serial plotter).

Thanks, Supermerlin

Okay, so which chip do they use? And where did you download the driver?

But anyway, it's not a Arduino or Arduino IDE fault then. Just a Windows driver fault.

BTW, never heard of serial plotter... It's not a IDE part anyway. Ah, it is as of 1.6.6. I stick with 1.6.4 because I find the newer all buggy :confused: