Computer doesn't wanna allow to update driver

Hello all I have am having a problem with my Arduino Uno. I am trying to set it up with my Acer laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium. I have done the following: 1. Went to the arduino website and downloaded the software. 2. once in the file folder, right clicked on the arduino application and selected EXTRACT ALL. 3. Then I am able to see the sketch on my screen. 4. Then I plugged in my uno via USB, and it turns on and does what it is supposed to do. 5. The correct board is selected in TOOLS. 6. I am not able to select a serial port to upload programs. It is grey'ed out 7. I have then went to CONTROL PANEL, SYSTEMS AND SECURITY, SYSTEM, & DEVICE MANAGER to try and update the drivers. when in DEVICE MANAGER, the Arduino Uno is shown under OTHER DEVICES. I right click on that and hit update driver software. Thwe computer searches online for the software but says it cannot find it.

please help me get this figured out. thanks

Nevermind. I figured it out. For anyone having this problem though, when you right click to update the driver software, opt to search your computer for the drivers and go to the drivers folder you downloaded when the software was downloaded. Figured this out in the midst of giving the detailed process of what I had done. Gotta love answering your own question sometimes.