Computer-on-module to go w/ arduino


I am looking to use an arduino mega to control a number of relays, poll and log sensors, etc. I have an EthernetSD shield but think that it will be limited to local logging to file, and serving those files to a ‘real’ database and web server; which I can also use to configure settings that the arduino reads from the sd card (I want the arduino to be able to run stand-alone). It looks like the ethernet shield cannot serve tcp/udp requests while it is accessing the SD card, which is annoying, so I expect I will need to find a way around this.

For the web and (lightweight) database server, can someone give me a recommendation for a cheap (1-200), fanless, low power option (and <=12VDC) capable of running linux with an ethernet port?

The beagle looks close but needs an expansion board to do ethernet.

{EDIT} - BeagleBoard-xM looks like a good option as it has ethernet. Anyone used it? Thoughts?



There was a recent thread about these in Bar Sport. Apparently they can be reflashed to a more-general-purpose version of Linux.

Looks like it's cheap, and similar to the sheevaplug. But I'd rather go with something less hacky as this is going into a prototype for a product.

Beagle and guruplug look like other options. But I've read disconcerting things about the quality of the guru plug, and overheating.

The beagle looks close but needs an expansion board to do ethernet.


Ah - the hawkboard is interesting - cheaper and lower power than beagle. But the community support would tip me to beagle. Looks like I'll be waiting a while on the beagle Xm though...