Computer Serial Number


I want to retrieve my computer serial number using Processing; but haven't found a way to do it. I posted in Processing forum with lots of viewers; but zero answers... Maybe the Guru's there are sleeping...When Google I get a lot of VB and DOS solutions; but can't use them in Processing.
Any ideas will be appreciated.

That depends what you mean by "computer serial number". Exactly what are you trying to read? Do you mean a BIOS serial number, or an OS installation ID, or something else?

Anything that's unique to the computer and does not change.

This is absolutely nothing to do with programming the Arduino, right?

You got an answer:

Your best bet is probably to get the Mac address of the network card (one of them, at least).
I suggest to google for java get mac address or similar, to see if it is possible easily.

Depends on how you look at it. I want it for my Arduino project. I want to read the computer sn from processing and match arduino to it. You can remove the post; but maybe others need the same solution.

That answer is for pure java. Maybe someone here did something like that.