Computer will not recognize Arduino UNO

I have a Shapeoko 2 cnc router which uses an Arduino Uno with GRBL and a gshield as the stepper controller. Recently, I have started trying to use this machine again. When I originally recieved the machine, I could only connect it to my 2010 Macbook Pro without any fuss, it was simply plug and start milling. I have tried connecting my Arduino to my pc (a MSI GE70) but it has been to no avail. I have tried repeatedly installing the Arduino drivers, alternate drivers for similar boards and have tried doing the whole device manager driver update thing. The board has the green led and orange led on whenever it is plugged in (they do not blink) and when I tried the serial monitor feature of the Arduino app, I received:

Arduino: 1.6.5 (Windows 8.1), Board: "Arduino/Genuino Uno"

Board at COM1 is not available

This report would have more information with
"Show verbose output during compilation"
enabled in File > Preferences.

When I plug the board into the computer there is no change in devices listed and I never saw the "installing drivers" pop up. I tried connecting the Arduino to my Macbook and I can longer connect to that. If there is anymore information that would help, I will be happy to provide it.