computer wont detect Arduino Duemilanove

Hi everyone,

I really need some help. I got my arduino duemilanove, plugged in the usb, heard my computer make a noise, and even see the power LED on computer wont show me the 'new hardware device found' screen!

I downloaded software 14 and have been troublshooting it for a good while now. Im not having ANY LUCK :frowning:

can someone tell me how to fix this?


What OS ?

XP 32bit: works
XP64 + 'the useless one': don't know, but people have had issues.
Linux 32bit: works

Have you checked other ports, plugging it in using the admin account ?

I'm using windows XP. I tried different usb ports but still no luck.

hmmm really i tried out the microcontroller on my laptop and it worked perfectly! but for some reason it wont work on my PC

guess ill just use my laptop instead :slight_smile: