Computer Won't Recognize USB Connection.


I just got the arduino starter kit and I am eager to start messing around. Having some errors starting up. Currently I run Mac OS 10.12.2 (aka sierra). On 1.8.0 of the Arduino IDE. When I go to 'Tools' -> 'Board' I have the 'Arduino/Genuino Uno' (Which I think is what I have, although not 100% sure it says uno, so I've tried both this and the 'Arduino Uno Wifi' options. My computer seems to be recognizing the the USB connections as when I check the USB device tree I can see 'ATmega16u2' when my arduino is connected via usb, and I do not see this when it is not. This also aligns with the chip on the device. I've looked at some other threads, but they start talking about all these drivers like CH34 something something (which I have tried to install). None of this seems to be working and the answers given under those threads seem less than definitive. Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

What is also odd: I own an Identical Arduino Uno, that did not come with the starter kit. Using the same USB cable -- this arduino seems to work fine. Which leads me to believe that the one that came with the starter kit is defective. Is there any way to remedy this? Thanks!

Some Arduinos even of the same type require different drivers eg. clones often use the CH340/CH341 drivers