Computer XBee to Arduino XBee

I tried looking up my topic, but I am not having success. I am trying to send data to an Arduino that has an XBee connected from an Arduino tethered to a computer via USB and that also has an XBee connected. In essence, I want to send serial commands via the Monitor windows on the Arduino IDE to a remote Arduino. This is my setup:

A) Computer-->XBee connected Arduino Uno
B) XBee connected Arduino Uno
Baud rates on both Xbee modules are the defaults (I believe 9600).
Monitor window baud rate is set to 9600.

As it is now, I am unable to receive any commands I type in the Monitor screen. I imagine that the the XBee taking over the serial port on the Arduino Uno may have something to do with why the command is not getting to the standalone arduino.

Can anyone offer advice on my setup or offer another way to send commands via keyboard on the computer to a remote xbee connected Arduino? Sample code would be greatly appreciated as well.

Let me know if anymore information is needed.

Let me know if anymore information is needed.

Of course there is. What kind of XBees are they? How are the XBees connected to the Arduinos? How are the XBees configured? How are you actually configuring them? What code is running on the Arduinos?