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So ive an idea:
My laptop controlling mouse/keyboard on my other PC using an arduino.
Ive been digging around and i know the arduino can act as a keyboard/mouse. But i cant find any information on how to recieve data on 1 port (data from laptop) of the arduino and send to another(the port connected to my other pc)? The only guides/projects ive found is a computer communicating with arduino back and forth.

So basicly, how do you add a an additional usb cable to the arduino(Homemade)? Do i need the usb shield? And then how to read data from one then send to another?

Any guidence or help is appreciated, just help by poiting me in a right direction. Thanks

You need a Leonardo to act as a keyboard or mouse. It will have to be connected to the PC it is controlling using the normal USB cable.

You can use a USB-TTL cable (aka FTDI cable) to connect the first PC to the Leonardo's TX and RX pins which appear as Serial1 on a Leonardo.


Ok i see. Thanks!

So its not possible with this?


That's an implementation of EXACTLY what Robin2 suggested.

Well more or less.

Ok thats great. Cuz ive the parts for it. So thats it with the Hardware? Now i just need to configure the software?

Now how do i send data from my laptop to my PC? should i head to the coding forum?

For example:

Im thinking of making a C# prog that sends a "0" through a port, then ive uploaded a sketch to my Uno
thats been coded like:

incomingByte =;

if(incomingByte == 48)

... then what? How to send it through another port?

Why not just follow the instructions on the link you gave us? Wouldn't that be more direct than asking us to read through it and spoon feeding you?

Spoon feeding me? Im not forcing you to help, im asking. Ive been struggling with finding information for quite some time now. Thats why i came here, im stuck.

Why i not fullow the instructions on the link i gave you?

Its says nothing about my problem: How to send data from one computer, to be read by another.
I dont even know if it could be used for it.

This demo shows how to use a Python program to communicate with an Arduino. The general principles are the same in every language.

You may also find something useful in serial input basics