comunicate a QR scaner whit arduino

I have an scaner whit usb output, it works whit my laptop, but i want to comunicate directly whit my arduino and compare it whit some database of possible numbers, DUE arduino. is this possible?

This is unlikely something you can do. It not necessarily impossible but not an easy project. Your laptop runs an operating system with drivers and a application/program. An Arduino has none of this and all the components need to work together. This works fairly often but many times libraries are missing or out of date or developers do not have the expertise to do this themselves.

It sounds like you are a beginner. I would ether look for some different projects for Arduino first or try if you can find some solution for Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi has a operating system with USB driver support and is closer to your laptop than the Arduino. There are simply programming options e.g. Python available as well.

Why not do all tha calcs and comparisons in the Pc?