Comunication with FT2232H

hi i have a problem with my arduino board. in my old project i use SoftwareSerial library to comunicate with Pmod (Pmod with ftdi chip) and it work perfectly. But now i have a new board with an usb ftdi bridge integrated. This chip has two different port, one for programming the board and the other is for comunication. The problem is that with SoftwareSerial i can't select the port number, so i can't comunicate with this board with my arduino.

the question is, there are some solution for this issue?

regards Stefano

But now i have a new board with an usb ftdi bridge integrated.

It is necessary for us to know what the "new board" is. A schematic of your project would also be helpful.

i need to comunicate with this board :

my design have an ADAFRUIT PRO TRINKET - 5V 16MHZ + an USB host 2.1 for parallel/serial conversion.

i want to send byte from trinket to CMod A7

thank you

UP please

I had a quick look at your link. There is a lot to read - far too much for lazy me even to get to the stage where I might understand the context of your question, never mind the answer.

Perhap the suppliers can help you?


i try to explain my problem. the first version of my project work as follow :

1) arduino send data with SoftwareSerial function to USB Host 2.1 2) USB Host convert this data and send data to PmodUsbUart that is connected to an FPGA board..

Now, i change the FPGA board and don't use PmodUsbUart for comunication because this new board (Cmod A7 35T) has aan USB-UART Bridge so i can comunicate with it using usb port. This bridge there are two channel.

1) Channel A is setted as JTag circuit 2) Channel B is setted as FT2232H

So i need to modify my design. The problem is that i can't select the Channel B with Software Serial library and i don't find nothing that allow me to do this. Anyone have can help me?

Info : each channel use MPSSE protocol.

UP please