Concatenaded multiple SPI slaves (TFT + Touch)


It's a pleasure to use TFT_eSPI. I would like to use the opportunity to thank Bodmer for the great work.

I wonder if someone though about concatenating the SPI interfaces from the TFT and the Touch controller ? Technically it seems sufficient to update the TFT every few milliseconds, at least for typical applications like touchpads and so on.

ESP32 | TFT | Touch
MOSI --> MOSI (Input)
MOSI (Output) --> TDIN
MISO <-- <-- TDO

I'm aware of the performance decrease by doubling the amount of devices
on the SPI bus. Anyway, I'm looking forward to your input.

BR Stefan

P.S: In case you have a detailed description of the SPI commands for the ILI9341 240x320 V1.2
I would like to get a hands on.

What do you mean?

Bodmer supports SPI ILI9341 + SPI XPT2046 on the same bus.

As with any "Display" application, you only update the screen when there is something that needs to be updated.
You only need to check the Touch Panel if the XPT2046 controller reports a "touch" e.g. via T_IRQ pin.

As with any question on "Displays". Please post a link to the actual screen that you have bought.
It takes a few seconds from your life.
We do not have "guess". And couch theoretical replies.
The Red SPI ILI9341 + XPT2046 modules are popular. But you might have completely different hardware.


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