Concatenate Serial.print() values

Yes, you do.

Thanks! For once the compiler didn't come up with an error. Now I can finally begin the real programming. :)

As my mom might have said, "Don't count your chickens before they hatch." I tried out the code and, even though there was no error detected by the compiler, nothing appeared on the screen of the LCD. Any suggestions?

char xValHex[4];
char yValHex[4];

Make those 5 bytes long, so they'll have room for the terminating zero-byte.

Did your mom ever tell you that it’s useful if you post your code, 'cos very few of us are psychic?

Here's my code: (After I took drhex's advice)

#define TO_HEX(x)  (((x) > 10) ? (x) - 10 + 'A' : (x) + '0')
byte xVal = 64;
byte yVal = 32;
char xValHex[5];
char yValHex[5];

void setup(){
sprintf(yValHex,"0x%c%c", TO_HEX (yVal >> 4), TO_HEX (yVal & 15));
sprintf(xValHex,"0x%c%c", TO_HEX (xVal >> 4), TO_HEX (xVal & 15));
Serial.print(0x19,BYTE);//set to 25
void loop(){
Serial.print(0x0A,BYTE);//radius ten

Hello? Anybody got some advice? I posted my code.

You're the one with the hardware - what steps have you taken to debug?

I'd be inclined to use the serial monitor rather than unproven LCD hardware, at least until you've proven that the messages you need are ebing sent and received, at the correct rate and in the expected format.

I tried the serial monitor and I think I've found the problem. When It sends the information that sets the backlight value, it comes up on the serial monitor as funky symbols, but when It sends the hex information, it comes up as readable letters. If I am correct (which I'm probably not) it's the result of the "BYTE" format being removed from the Serial.print() command. Any suggestions? (Honestly, I haven't done much to debug. I only checked the connections and ran it through the compiler a couple times.) In case you're wondering, my code is still the same.

Does anyone have some advice? I'm still confused!

Your "funky" symbols are unprintable ASCII codes below 0x20 (space character), like 0x02 and 0x19. If you want to see their actual values:

Serial.print(0x19,HEX);//set to 25

, but when It sends the hex information, it comes up as readable letters

What "hex information"? I'm still confused as to what the problem is.

Sorry I didn't get back to you until now. Anyway, I suppose it's all technically hex information. what I meant was when it sends the coordinates of the circle's center, it comes up as readable characters. And, even though I like to know what its sending, it should be the weird symbols and not the readable ones.