Concept to Scare Deer Away

Hi All,

I'm just getting started. My goal is to build a network of devices to scare the deer out of my orchard. I suspect that this nut has already been cracked. I did search the forum and did not find any relevant information.

I have a good 'conceptual' architecture and one of the 'attachments' that I have in mind to help scare the deer is a 22 caliber (blanks of course) popping device. Beyond appreciating any ideas/feedback/references to others who've cracked this nut, I am curious to know if there are any Arduino powered components that could act as a 'firing pin.'

By the way, my architecture calls for multiple (optional) devices that will attach to each Arduino node that can be used to constantly provide a different scare tactic. Deer will pattern the same thing over time and learn to ignore it. I am thinking of audible alert, a servo type motor to create some sort of motion, and maybe a device to spray a foul smelling odor in the air (deer are sensitive to that sort of thing but wind direction may make it hard).

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Well the concept is simple enough. Some sensor inputs to tell when the deer are there, a central controller that is smart and mixes things up, and a bunch of outputs the brains can control.

My first thought is the problem is scale. How big is this orchard? How much area are you wanting to protect? So many of the hobby level sensors designed for Arduino have limited and indoor type ranges that sensing may be a big issue.

Regardless of the types of scare outputs you have, I recommend having attractors with a baiting smell added by means of a liquid that smells good to the deer. The idea is that you WANT them to approach the sensors and trigger them. You WANT them to come to the bait rather than to your fruit trees.

Several companies have standalone (non-networked) attractor/zapper units, and according to folks I've spoken with who had deer problems, they work exceedingly well. You can see one such product at, and a Google search for "electric deer fence" will show more. They are non-lethal.

You should be able to buy the liquid bait separately from any of the fence vendors.

did you consider a dog?

robtillaart: did you consider a dog?

The fence doesn't have to be high enough to keep the deer out, only high enough to keep your wolf pack in.