Concurrent use of SD card and Servo motor on Arduino UNO 3

Hi all,

I have opened my CSV file in Arduino. Now, I am going to use them for running my servo motor. I am wondering if I could run the SD card and Servo motor concurrently on Arduino UNO 3. I am asking because both of them need power pin 5V for running.

To make it clear, I need to run them in parallel since my data (angles) on the SD card should be updated by time and has different values in different time. Therefore, the data should be updated when the servo motor is running, servo motor rotates based on the angles.

Hope I explained my problem clear. It would be great to have your help to solve my problem.


Can you make a drawing how you visualise your power connections?

Based on one of your other threads, I thought that you had hardcoded the angles in your code; I'm probably mistaken.

Thanks for the response. I uploaded both visualization. As you see,
they have a conflict in 5V pin in Power section and also the GND pin in Digital section of the UNO.

Sd card.JPG

There are other 5V outputs: there are 5V on each of the ICSP headers, and IOREF is 5V afair.

But surely you shouldn't be powering a servo off the Arduino 5V in the first place? I never use Arduino 5V for anything other than leds and other really low current peripherals: servos, LCD, anything else, I always use an external supply.

Got it. Thanks a lot.