CondensorMic with Pre-AMP + Button+Vibration

Hello, I am new here and I really need help.
I want to read with the microphone a heartbeat and when I press a button, the vibrator should vibrate in the same way like the messured heartbeat.

I know, how I can run the vibrator with the button. That is easy. But the biggest problem is the microphone. How must I combine it with the arduino, how does it read then and how can i combine it then with the vibrator.

How can I do this? Can someone help me please???

This is very difficult because to get the heartbeat from a microphone you need very high gain on the amplifier, that means it is prone to all sorts of interference pick-up both electrical and mechanical. Basically you need a high gain microphone amplifier.

Getting the audio signal into the arduino is no problem see the circuit in this link

The software should look for a threshold to be exceeded and then do something on that.