Condition testing jig for a twin headlamp interlock relay

Hey guys I want a bit of help. There is a twin headlamp interlock relay.Its used for controlling the headlamps in a two wheeler.The relay prevents a single head lamp beam i.e. allows the working of the headlight in a two wheeler only when both upper lamps or both lower lamps or all lamps are in working condition. To illustrate,if the rider has switched on the lower beam light,in normal cases lower beam would be on.But if either one of the two lower bulbs arent working,it automatically switches to make the upper beam in on condition.Vice versa for the non working of upper twinlamps.There is a condition table for this.I have to test if these conditions are getting satisfied or not.That is with help of a micro controller ( in this case I m using arduino uno) I have to provide for the working of bulbs or non working of bulbs. i.e i have to control which of the upper and lower bulbs are on at a particular time. Then when the user presses the switch higher or lower, I have to check if the lower beam is on (lower switch pressed on) in case all bulbs are working and in case one of the two lower bulbs not working,and both upper bulbs working, i have to check if the upper beam is working.
For this i m planning to use mosfets as switches which when on bulbs in working condition ,and when off bulbs not working.Am i right in using this? Or is there a better solution? Please help. I have attached a figure of the twin headlamp relay which has a 6 port terminal which is to be controlled accordingly by my arduino

TRUTH TABLE.xlsx (10.8 KB)

The logic to select the correct lamps isn’t very hard to implement. But first you need to tell us, how your circuit knows that one of the lamps has failed.


@korman..thanks for replying...Well the bulb is disconnected with a help of manual switch.This gives the indication to a microcontroller in circuit to activate its auto switching mode if required.For my project, I have to remove that manual switch and replace it with my arduino and generate the required conditions i.e switching the bulbs on and off.Once that is done, I have to check if auto switching has happened or not when it is required.So I request you to please help in this matter

Guys, I have got my pic clearer a bit and now I would like help regarding the same. Their is a relay which I have spoken about with a microcontroller embedded in it.According to that,the relay controls the lamps and conditions I mentioned in the truth table are generated.So what I need to do is this- I have to have 7 relays out of which ,one for the switch to on the lamp process(i.e the switch in two wheeler to on the night mode)( i need single pole single way relay for this) for selecting the higher/lower beam bulbs, (for this single pole two way relay) for the bypass mode i.e flash mode(again single pole single way relay), 4 single pole single way relays for each of the bulbs in the headlamp.With my arduino I have to control each of the 7 relays to generate conditions as per the table.All these relays will also be connected to the twin headlamp relay which already has program in its microprocessor to do the exact thing. In order to check if exact thg is done or not , i would then take two inputs from the bulbs i.e one for upper bulbs and one for the lower bulbs to my arduino and check if the condition is right...Now i need help of all you guys in going further..i.e to program these relays and the inputs..I hope you help.. thank u .and if ne more hardware apart from what i mentioned is required plz tell me