Conductive materials question.


i am trying to power the Wall standards in zinc finish (

with 12 V,2.5A Transformer.

The layout will be

12V -> wall standards (zinc)----->bracket(zinc) ----->12 V LED STRIPS

my question is will there be a drop in voltage since i am the metal is Zinc?

it is safe? when people touch the touch the brackets which connects to +/- of the transformer.

Thanks guys.

They should be near 0 ohms. Maybe they have a clear coat finish.

so 0 ohms is good in this case?

There should be very little voltage drop.

12V is pretty safe, as long as you are using a decent quality transformer, it should have good isolation from the incoming AC line.

The metalware is mild steel with zinc plating (to prevent corrosion). They also mention chrome (plating) variant. Zinc is not strong enough or tough enough or cheap enough for such hardware, they meant its plated.

Given the large cross-section of the form you won't have to worry even though its steel and not copper. You can calculate the approximate resistance very straightforwardly from the length, cross-sectional area and the bulk resistivity of steel (google / wikipedia if in doubt).

If you were running say 3A of load at 12V your load is 4 ohms, which will be fine so long as the total resistance of wiring and metalwork is a small fraction of this (say 0.1 ohms or less - ie less than 0.3V voltage drop).