Conecting power 5v

hi I'm trying to power Arduino Yun from 5v power supply

To witch Pin should i connect +5V and GND of my power supply to power it?

Can i just plug Power Supply +5v into Arduino yun 5V ?

No, not the Yun.
The 5V pin and the Vin pin are different for the Yun. The 5V pin is only output, and the Vin is only 5V input and no more.

Read the "power" section :

Thank you!

+5v to VIN
Ground to GND

regulated voltage? my power supply gives 5,5 another one 4,8 what is the tolerance on VIN?

I don't know, there is a low-voltage-drop diode between Vin and 5V.

Are those bad quality switching power supplies ?
All my 5V power supplies are between 5.0V and 5.2V. Often the output voltage is set a little higher to compensate for loss in wires. So the 5.2V is not inaccurate output, it is deliberately set to 5.2V.