Config.h not able to view

I just ordered my multiwiii with gps and trying to get some programming done before it gets here. Upon opening the .ino file into arduino it will not let me change to config.h. I am using the multiwii.ino file in this first download here:

When i double click the .ino file it asks if i want to put it on a new page or cancel so i hit ok. I try clicking the down arrow to select config.h to edit the file but config.h is not there. Also there is not the tiles along the top of the Arduino txt editing space. I tried downloading 1.0.6 and 1.0.5 what i am trying to use now but neither version will allow me to see config.h.

Can someone please help me on how to change the editing to config.h so i can edit the data? I do not believe the board needs to be plugged in for you to see this does it?

Any help would be great since i do not see this issue anywhere else online.

Thank you!

I find the catch 22 of the IDE, if the .h and .cpp files are placed into the libraries, then they are not able to open with the IDE, but if the .h files are in the same folder as the .ino file associated with them then they are on the top tab and can be edited. You also can not edit an .h or .cpp with the IDE on a individual basis and will find that "Open with" does not work even if shown. I use X-code on my MAC for these. But any common C type editor should work or for brute effort a text editor.