Configuration error for MKR WIFI 1010


This is my first time using and configuring an IoT device
I downloaded the arduino create agent as instructed on the IoT cloud setup

I plugged in the arduino MKR WIFI 1010 and selected a device on the IoT cloud
the set up can detect the arduino and says it is ready to configure. I go through the steps of giving it a name etc.

In step 1 of uploading the sketch, my computer makes the disconnect tone and the arduino disconnects from the computer as I can see in the task manager.
when the arduino re-connects the set-up detects it again and goes through the steps of naming it but it then comes up with an error that I don't understand (screen shot attached)

Please can someone give some assistance as to why it is failing and what i need to do to get it configured?



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Hi, sorry for the late response. We think we have fixed the problem. You should be able to complete the getting started now

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