Configure Arduino Uno with TFT display and Bluetooth devices together.


I’m working on IoT scenario where Raspberry Pi 2 (Windows 10 IoT Core based Gateway) is having bi-directional communication with 2/more Devices (Arduino Uno based slaves with few sensors) over the Bluetooth. The communication is via Windows Remote Arduino API (on Raspberry) and Firmata on Arduino devices. Additionally Arduino devices have shield for TFT Display is attached to them for business purpose. To implement above scenario I bought following devices… - Gateway/controller - Raspberry Pi 2 @ - Slaves/Workers - Arduino UNO @ - Display on Arduino - 2.8 TFT Touch Shield for Arduino with Resistive Touch Screen @ - Bluetooth connection - SparkFun Bluetooth Modem - BlueSMiRF Silver @ )

The issue is, if I mount the TFT shield display unit on top of Arduino then it utilizes/blocks the pins required for Bluetooth connection devices (especially Tx & Rx pins). Please help with the options for connecting the both of the devices?

thanks, Amit

Check the shield. There is nothing to suggest pins 0,1 are being used, and quite a lot to suggest they are not.