Configure my Yun without WIFI

I would like to know if it is possible to configure my new Yun with the Ethernet way, because my desktop computer has not got WIFI and all the tutorials I have read, the first step is connect the Yun with the WIFI.

It seems that the documentation assumes everyone uses WiFi and nobody uses Ethernet. In reality, anything you can do with the Yun over a WiFi connection, you can also do over the Ethernet connection. Using Ethernet, you can still access the Yun's configuration pages, SSH command line, Console class output, etc.

Other than the interface specific settings of each network connection (WiFi SSID, Ethernet link speed, etc.) the two network connections are basically interchangeable. They can be used individually or simultaneously, both have the same capabilities, and you can switch between them transparently.

Ethernet is the PREFERRED method if you read the documentation.

Sometimes you may seem to loose the board once configured but that is simply because it went and got an IP via DNS and can be found by looking at your router and it will show up in there with its new IP.

Also some of the examples that call it by a web address may not seem to work and but the IP will !