Configuring Arduino ethernet shield IP (not MAC) via web browser

I am trying to work out how feasible it would be to re-configure the wiznet ethernet shield after my project has been completed using nothing more than the built in webserver. I'll be setting the MAC and initial (internal range) IP but wanted to know if anyone knows of a similar example i can check out. I am guessing I could use an http form and pipe that passes the sanitized IP string to byte ip[] = . Sound plausible?


You'd probably want to keep the new value in EEPROM. At startup, read the EEPROM, check and see if an IP address is saved there, otherwise use the default one.

String parsing is tough on an arduino. Rather than sending the contents of a form, what I would do is have Javascript in the form that takes the results and converts it to a simple GET that looks like:

To convert that string into a byte array you have to read through the string, character by character, calculate the value of the four bytes and fill in the array.

I am attempting the same concept, see post:,54324.0.html

If you've made any progress with this, let me know.


It seems like I'm not the only one trying to do this. I've also been reading the post above. I''l try to merge your findings and the ones in the topic posted above.

This is my post on my progress:,55044.0.html