Configuring GPS and Compass with Arduino

Greetings everybody!!!!
So I recently started working on a new idea, GPS guided bot, so now I have Neo6m GPS Module and an HMC5883l compass module.
Now I really don't know where to start with... and for the sake of bot's working's description, here you go, the bot will be given a set of coordinates and the bot should follow these coordinates and reach the final coordinate entered.
And yes can anyone please also help me with how the bot will decide that I am at point A and I wanna travel to a point B, now how will the bot calculate this????
If anyone can provide any help it would be great!!!!
Thank You!!!

What have you tried? Have you been able to get data from the GPS unit? Have you been able to get data from the HMC5883l and calibrate the HMC5883l ?

As for the GPS, you can use a series of libraries such as NeoGPS, TinyGPSPlus, or NEO-6M_GPS.

Once you are able to get your GPS working, then you can worry about how to calculate heading and distance.