Configuring SR-92 GPS module.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to configure the SR-92 GPS module to switch off some NMEA sentences?

This is the item…

I’d like to be able to switch off the GPGSV sentence. Doing this is a feature that’s normally available on most GPS modules, I’ve read the datasheet for this one, and does mention some configuration is possible (specifically the baud rate) but gives no indication of how to achieve this.

Just to give some background - the GPGSV sentence provides information on what satellites are available, (no navigation information) but they also have the disadvantage that one record is provided for every satellite in range, this means that on a good day, I get a couple of navigation messages and maybe 8 or more GPGSV messages, all of which take time to process but are of no practical use - hence the desire to switch them off!


The sentances will still be seen by receiver.

Surely the overhead of decoding to say ignore is as much as decoding normally...

I don't see the point..
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The sentances will still be seen by receiver.

That is why I want to switch them off at source!

Source is the GPS satellite!!!

Source is the GPS satellite!!!

No. The sentences are generated by the GPS module, based on timing information from the satellites. Many GPS modules allow you to choose which sentences will be generated. Unfortunately it seems the SR-92 isn't one of them.

I have played with a great many gps receivers and the standard sentances are built each time, never found any that remove options

I use this link Welcome - as a reference and it makes no mention of modules blocking sentances out..

But if you think it can be done would be most interested...

Have a look at this datasheet.... (pages 4, 5 & 6)*xJNecJYvcEKZofuHJcZ3wnTMuZL5FeJC535I6DJbBZZE7FpJwnQPxgT9yKLCibZaZj/NMEA_Packet_Userl.pdf

It give details of how configure this GPS module......

Unfortunately, this module is NOT the one currently soldered onto my project - hence my inquiry about the SR-92.

Hope this is useful to you


Yes i've seen that info before but the manufacturers chip data contridicts the programming details.

I also have seen details on the Skylab modules that imply you can set parameters but have tried endlessly to even get the module to respond let alone do anything, once its powered up the sentances start and it seems to ignore its receive data line..


I have five different gps modules and four of them let you turn off the sentences that you don't want.