Configuring the IDE for different processors

I have a project using an ATMEGA328, an ATTINY13 and an ESP8266. I have written all the code for each on the Arduino IDE and can program each of them successfully. However whenever I alter the board manager and programmer to suit one of them, the other two change with it so I am constantly having to reselect the correct ones. Is there any way for these associations to be remembered by the project file ?


No. This feature is often requested, but is not part of the IDE.

The Arduino Web Editor does have this feature, but it doesn't (yet?) support the 3rd party hardware packages needed for ATtiny13 and ESP8266.

On Windows (not sure about other OSs), you can open multiple instances of the Arduino IDE by starting the IDE multiple times or opening sketches by double clicking them. When you have multiple windows open of the same IDE instance (via File > Open, File > New, File > Sketchbook, File > Examples), any change you make to Tools > Board, Tools > Port, Tools > Programmer in on window affect all the other windows. However, changes in one instance of the IDE will not affect the other instances. You can even have multiple Serial Monitor windows open to different ports.

The other sort of "hacky" workaround would be to have multiple portable installations of the Arduino IDE, one for each board. You can get information on using the Arduino IDE in portable mode here:

Thanks Pert - I can live with a hacky solution - the PortableIDE appears to do what I want so many thanks for your help

You’re welcome. I’m glad if I was able to be of assistance. Enjoy!