Configuring XBee by packet instead AT commands


I have a project in which I can configure my XBee modules using "+++" and sending AT commands for doing it. But I have a problem related to times. I have a DIGIMESH module and also a 802.15.4 module and I am using same function for both cases. My problem is answer sometimes needs a some milliseconds more or less to arrive to arduino uart and it hangs on.

I found some projects on Internet in which they don't use AT commands like me, they send a packet like this:

define get_own_mac_low "7E00040852534C06"

And they are able to receive the mac low of that node.

How can I do that? I tried to send this packet using print functions but I never got answer. Neither with X-CTU, writing it on terminal...

Any idea or example on arduino to check it?

That string, sent in API mode, WILL mean something to the XBee. In AT mode, it won't mean a thing.

Which mode are your XBees using?