Conflation error with ultrasonic distance sensors

We are having trouble with our four ultrasonic distance sensors (SR04). At least two of the sensors show up as exactly the same (conflating), regardless of the order we add them to our controller. So sensor A and sensor B will both report to sensor A's device on the Vera dashboard. Sensor B is never recognized as a distinct device for inclusion, but immediately is recognized as sensor A by the controller.

We've switched -the radios: the same two sensors conflate -the boards themselves: either the same two sensors conflate, or the "new" sensor finds another sensor to conflate with -the ultrasonic sensor: didn't expect this to do anything, but tried it anyways. -tried modifying the sketch in simple ways

Technical details:

We've been following the mysensors distance sensor instructions and sketch ( We are using Nano boards Our controller is a Vera Edge

Why are these two sensors appearing as a single sensor on our controller? Is this a result of our controller, the mysensors code (and if so is there a better set of software for scaling?), or the boards we are using?

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We did, thanks.

We fixed our issue by the following. In each of the distance sensor sketches there is a #define line with each of the child ids, "#define CHILD_ID 1". For each of the sensors the child id needs to be different- you can set this yourself. This "setting" was not specified in the mysensors instruction, and caused the conflation issue. Otherwise the mysensors instructions were great!