Conflict Between Newtone library and Servant

I am doing a project here in Arduino , but is giving a problem. The library Buzzer (New tone ) are giving conflicting with the library of the Servant . With this I am not able to compile the project , you know any solution to this problem ? Below the error of compilation.

Servo \ avr \ Servo.cpp.o : In function __vector_11 ' C : \ Program Files (x86 ) \ Arduino \ libraries \ Servo \ src \ avr / Servo.cpp : 81: multiple definition of __vector_11'NewTone \ NewTone.cpp.o : C : \ Program Files (x86 ) \ Arduino \ libraries \ Newtone / NewTone.cpp : 46 : first defined herecollect2.exe : error: ld returned 1 exit status
Erro compiling .

Some libraries use the same timer and they can not be used together.
Could you show your sketch, is there a library "Buzzer" somewhere ?

I suggest to keep the Servo library. I think it used TIMER1.
Find another Tone library, for example the ToneAC2 or the Tone without timer.