conflict between sim900 & wire libraries ,

i had been stuck for a few days with my project trying to figure out the logical error in the program, when i found out today that when i use wire.h library( in my program it is used to receive values from the Real time clock/RTC) the sim900.h library for my GSM kit starts to act strange . if i use the wire.begin command after the gsm.begin of GSM, the GSM restarts again and again . if i put wire.h before start gsm.begin of GSM ,instead of starting it returns garbage values again and, again . i took off the wire.h library and the program functioned well , except without the library i cannot take values from the RTC ,which in need though.
Is there any way i can use these both libraries. or if not are there any other solutions. i had two in mind may be if they would work 1)try to take off functions in the Sim900.h library which i am not using (if possible) , 2)use another microcontroller for RTC .

anyone , any idea . what to do when there is a conflict between two libraries .

From Seeed Studio Wiki: (I don't know your brand of shield)

"Note: A4 and A5 are connected to the I2C pins on the SIM900. The SIM900 however cannot be accessed via the I2C".

I don't know how relevant this is to your situation, but it warrants investigation. Also, I found the same information on

Maybe the SIM900 is getting spurious signals it does not expect/understand? Maybe try using jumpers of only required pins form the Arduino to the SIM900 shield and see if the symptoms change.

yea , i am using the same one. important info ,this might help . i'll try it . thanx