Conflict I2C

Hello All,

Like a lot of previous projects, i’m trying to build a weather station.
I made a prototype with several single shields (SD card + Barometric Pressure + Humidity & Temperature sensor + RTC)

Now, I gathered all of us with more intelligence. I’m using a MEGA, with a prototype shield and an Adafruit Datalogger shield.
I can run each components, but when I decided to add RTC(i2C) and SHT(i2c) sensor, it’s finish.
I configured the square wave from the DS1307 to manage the interrupt int.0 over the mega. It’s always running, but it begin impossible to read date and humidity or temperature from the i2c protocol.
The pull-up resistors are present.

If someone have the solution, it would be great…


sketch_jun10b_nightmare_ino.ino (10.9 KB)

I'm really sorry,

I had a flash of genius... In fact I made the same error than in the past.

The SHT15 is not designed to run with the i2c protocol. However, the specification explain that is also possible to put the sensor over this bus without interference, but they specify that the system need to switch... So that confirmed throughout my mistake is running correctly with the i2c if there is no other component.

I'm going to use two specifical pins for SDA & SCK of the SHT15, but is anyone know how keep the both DS1307 & SHT1x over the i2c and manage the switch??