Conflict of two different frequency libraries

Hi there, I am using LMIC and RF95(RadioHead) library in my Arduino sketch,, but there is conflict of using some pins which is unchangeable, such as reset pin.. Is there any other way for me to implement both libraries in one sketch..? Thanks!

Sorry no, not without changing the code in the libraries that is. Easy enough to do though.

so you mean it is impossible to do that..? Hmmm Because I wanted to use them one after another. Not simultaneously..

I dont see a direct library conflict on pins if there was no use of interrupts, although the setup state (register wise) of the LoRa device for each library is likely different, so a very good understanding of the config of the LoRa device is likely needed.

Cannot say I have heard of it being done before.

The obvious question is why do you want to do this ?

do you mind to explain further?

because it is to communicate with different devices which operates in different frequencies

But why would you want a TTN node to communicate with other LoRa devices in the first place ?

Its helpful if you would explain the actuall application.

It can be thought as a device which bridges between local nodes with TTN..

TTN sounds most unsuitalble for use as a 'bridge'.

I mean, the combination of two libraries is to make the arduino board as bridge..

As I mentioned earlier;

"Its helpful if you would explain the actuall application"

hmm not sure what you mean by the actual application, but it is to connect LoRa nodes with LG01N gateway, which the two using different libraries.

That device is not supported for use on TTN.

It is supported..It works well solely with LMIC library but not for combination of RFM 95 and LMIC libraries..

No it is not. Go and and in the TTN forums if you dont believe me.

Please dont use that device as a gateway on TTN, it disrupts the communications of those that are using the correct and supported devices.

From the Dragino information page on that device;

Note: LG01-N is designed for Private LoRa Protocol, Not recommend for LoRaWAN use.

yupp. I knew that's limitation of the LG01N.. but it somehow works for me if I am using solely LMIC library.

Anyone is familiar with this or have experienced before? need helppp

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