Conflict with ADS1220 and SD card

Hello, I am brand new on this forum and my english is very poor, so I appologize for possible mistakes. Many thanks for all contributions.
This first post is not a question but an answer for a post wich is closed since 2 years.
I had a problem for using an ADS1220 24 bits ADC AND a mico SD module : if there was no card inserted, the ADC reading where always 0. Analysing the problem with an oscilloscope showed that the MISO signal was always 0 due to the SD module. My modules are clones, and seemingly this signal is not a 3 state signal on these modules. So I placed a SN74LV1T125, a Buffer Gate with 3-State Output, between the module and the Arduino, and since all is working well.

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Glad that you got it sorted; it's a known issue with some SD modules.

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