Confuse which to choose for user intercace to control Arduino: VB or Processing?

I am newbie in Arduino.
I have project to control my Arduino and to get the data from it then display it on TV and computers.
I do not have any basic in Visual Programming, and just touch programming since get this project.
Then I confuse where to start, using VB or Processing?
I have seen that VB is much easier since jusd drag and drop etc etc...
And also I get some reference from: it works to turn on and off only, works well for UNO and MEGA using StandardFirmata sketch

then this:
FirmataVB - Downloads page works well with better graphical interface, only for UNO.

The code inside makes me hullaballoo!
Because I want to add some modification to the code, but do not know how.
Any help?
Should I ask someone to make it for me then teach me how it works, then I pay?

processing is more suited to making fancy visual displays
visual anything is more suited to making windows with standard user interface controls

now you could do both with either, infact its less of a pain to do graphics in VB than it is to do a standard windowed UI with buttons and menus and whatnot in processing BUT it really depends on which one you like better and suits your needs

if you need a simple application with lots of buttons and controls, visual wins, if you need a simple application that has basic controls but a really bitchin visualization of that data, processing wins.

as far as arduino, you really just need to be able to read and write data from your program to and from a serial port, both work fine

Hmm, thank you for your respond.

But can processing gives me a sample of visual like this:
and these FirmataVB - Downloads page

I think I can learn from what has been existed then I improveā€¦
Do you have any example of processing to read data from arduino and show it in Graphical User Interface, write to arduino to turn on of which pin ???
Any help and respon are really appreciated!

theres a ton of processing examples

but honestly I dont use processing. If you want a GUI your going to have to find one and mod it, or build one from scratch, its a visualization system, on top of java. Though if its something simple its not THAT hard

the visual systems is abit more complex as your dealing with the windows API, and its not interpreted so its not going to run on other systems, but as you mentioned you can drag n drop crap in a window, fill out the code structure and have an app

and honestly if your learning something new visual is more useful in many other areas in the grand scheme of things

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