confused about arduino baords

hi everyone, well am new to this technology. i am indeed going to use arduino for my project and i am a bit confused which one to buy. i have to interface a voice recognition module v3 ( 3.3v) and simultaneously Xbee s1 ( 4.5-5.5v) on an arduino board. can anyone suggest me which board will be appropriate to mount both the voice module and xbee on a single arduino???

XBee data is 3V, too.
Purchase an XBee shield

or similar. (Make sure you have access to all of the documentation before you spend your money.)
The SparkFun board has a small prototyping area.

Please provide (links to) the data sheets for the modules.

Mixing modules of different operation voltage requires two power supplies, or at least a step-up/down regulator for the power lines. The operating voltage of the controller (Vcc) is unimportant, it can be either 5V or 3.3V, and it can speak directly only to the board of the same voltage. Level shifters are required for connection to the signal lines of the other board.

Of course the mentioned 5V XBee shield will be a good choice, as it already contains the voltage regulator and level shifters. If you want to use it, an Uno will be the right Arduino board, because then the shield can be stacked straight onto it.