confused about part price

I recently found a really old printer and took it apart. inside is a plastic encoder disk, so I googled the part number to see how many lines where in the encoder and all I found where links to buy it for 50-80 US Dollars. Are those websites scams or can I sell it for that much?

the part number for encoder disk is: C4557-80019

picture below, Diameter of the encoder disk is 1.9 inches

You can sell if for whatever folks are willing to bay on e-bay.

Just because you see a price doesn't mean it really sells for that amount or that your USED part has the same value. Are the listed items new? from the manufacturer? with a guarantee? And can you afford to advertise your 1 unit ?

The companies I saw selling it were distributors or part vendors who specialize in this type of part. They appear to be selling new or remanufactured.

I saw one USED listing on eBay for $20. That seems the more likely price you would get for your used unit. And it probably won't sell the first time you list it, either.