Confused by the variants...

I’m new to all this and have got a bit tied up in knots with all the Arduino variants.

Due to space constraints I want to end up with something running on an Arduino Mini and an external wired board (programmed via the USB Mini adaptor) - I’m OK with that, but which ‘big board’ do I want to go up the learning curve with? Uno + Proto Shield, or one of the others?

Hoping somebody can help.


Get an Arduino Pro Mini (either 5V or 3.3V) solder a few pins into the holes on the side and put it on a breadboard. Also solder a few pins upwards on them and plug in the usual FTDI USB-to-TTL cable or converter - just make sure you have the the correct version (3.3V or 5V depending on your Arduino).

That’s it. This setup is usually 1 or 2 ? more expensive than just getting a ready to use Arduino, but if you need a second one an can live with just one USB connector, you’ll end up a little cheaper.


That makes good sense - thanks.

I have a PIC-2 programmer - can I use that as the USB to TTL interface and save another cost (not that I ever got the hang of writing for PIC - just loading code in-circuit)?


That Should have read PICkit-2 programmer.