confused newb

Hi, I have no experience with auduino but have been using max and puredata for a while now, I'm working through the auduino book before ordering my board etc., but what I'm really interested in working with is distance sensors (for controlling Max PD), can anyone give me any advice on what board and components would be a good bet to get started with on this path? Is it a bit ambitious to work with these style sensors for a first project?


Distance sensors for sensing walls etc?
For that you would want ultrasonic sensors that are not that difficult to use. They just output simple data that is converted into distance.

For sensing people you can do capacitance sensing. All it needs is some aluminium foil and a really big value resistor.

Or you can also use IR for sensing short distances, also relatively easy to do.

The ultasonic sensors are pretty expensive but the IR are cheaper. Capacitance sensing will cost you a resistor and a pie (for the aluminium base!)


Cheers Mowcius! thats a great help :)