Confusing advice found on using Lucas SD Card

My Basic Problem: Using Lucas SD card - error 'initialization failed'.

Most confusing, as this forum has so many varied recommendations to solve this:

The list of recommendations found in this storage forum are:

  1. Use SD Format, I tried that on my 8GB card and with other cards. No luck

2.Some people recommend that extra decoupling capacitors are needed to stabilise the power rails on SD Card.

  1. On the web one can see wiring diagrams showing Arduino signal lines going straight through directly to Lucas SD card pins, ie implying that SD Card will work ok with TTL 5v signals.

4.Others contradict and state that signal lines must be dropped from 5v TTL to 3.3v and offer diode and resistor propositions to achieve this. As the Lucas SD card has a 5v and 3.3 v power in lines, it seems to me most strange to me that it doesn’t handle this on its own.

  1. Have read that Lucas SD card needs more current than Arduino can provide on it’s 3.3 V output pin so an external power supply must be provided for SD card to work ok.

  2. Don’t use the sd.h library, but use sdfat.lib as spi speed must be decelerated to make it work ok.

  3. All cards have a fault with their ground plane on the rear floating. So I have tried a mod recommend to connect Pin 1 of Voltage Regulator to the ground plane on rear side of pcb and found that doing that it shorts out everything totally. There is NO picture showing where Pin 1 is, so if you do this beware You may well take out your PC usb port!!!

To be exactly clear - I wired the pin on the voltage regulator which is the pin closest to the edge connector pins to the rear ground plane and everything dies, a dead short occured.

I do also find it strange that now End of September 2013 they still sell a card with such a bug ! ( agree although that anything might be possible )

I have bought and tried 2 SD Lucas cards, so can hopefully can eliminate having a faulty card as well.

I would be very grateful if someone who has this card working ok can confirm which of the points above are valid and which can be discarded, very grateful to hear your knowledge.

What is a Lucas SD card ?