Confusing current of componenets


Why are the current of below components are like this:

Atmega328: 0.2mA ( Link)
nRF24L01+: 13.5mA ( Link - receiver mode )

Is it OK?
Shouldn’t the Atmega328 have more current?

I appreciate your inputs.

An ATmega328p normally draws 6-8 mA when active; this current draw indicates it’s in a sleep mode, but not deep sleep as that’d be <1 uA.

I could not find 6-8 mA in the datasheet.

Would you mind tell me where that is?


ATmega328p datasheet, ch. 29.2.8, p.303
Active, 8 MHz, Vcc=5V: typical 5.2 mA, max 9 mA.

At 16 MHz it uses a bit more than that; the 6-8 mA is what I actually measured from a Pro Mini board with the LED and regulator removed.

It's awesome.

Thank you so much.

For clocked CMOS chips like processors the current draw is proportional to the supply voltage and clock
frequency, so there won't be a single specification of current draw.

CMOS draws almost no power at all if unclocked.

The datasheet indeed gives three examples for different supply voltage and clock speeds - both affecting the actual current draw. Same clock, lower supply voltage means less current. Likewise for same supply voltage and lower clock.

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