confusing results from analoge inputs on Serial Terminal

I have done some test with the Beta version of Arduino IDE2.0 and I discovered an interesting thing.
I use an Arduino uno

I tested a small sketch that reads 4 analog inputs. The input voltage is a bit fluctuating, but it is easy to see on an oscillator how the voltage behaves. I tried several functions. With Pullup and without pullups. The readings I get back on the Serial Monitor are very confusing. The value goes up as soon as I trigger the voltage, but it takes a long time to bring the value down. It can take 10 to 20s until the Serial monitor shows low value. Even so the voltage is low after 3 seconds. Sometimes it shows wrong values on the other channels even so there is not Voltage indicated on the my oscillator.
If I download the sketch with the 1.8. IDE it works perfect and the reading are correct.
This is not a problem for me since I have a solution with the 1.8. version but someone may have an answer to this.
I am not an expert so it is possible that I have a wrong setting in my IDE 2.0.

I look forward to the version 2.0. I love the features. I also tried the Visual Studio. It works but it is far too bulky for my use. So please go on developing the 2.0. I am eagerly waiting for it.

HmIPRead.ino (24 Bytes)

LEDRead.ino (538 Bytes)

OutAct.ino (22 Bytes)

Print.ino (698 Bytes)

RolladenEG.ino (1.49 KB)

Tasten.ino (22 Bytes)

To make the information available to all interested parties, I'll copy my reply from the other thread:

Hi @Coffeeheaven. There is a known defect with the Arduino IDE 2.x Serial Monitor, which is that it has significantly less bandwidth than the classic Arduino IDE's Serial Monitor. So what happens is if your sketch is printing data at a higher rate than the Serial Monitor can manage, its output gets more and more delayed behind what the board is sending in real time. This can be very confusing when you are seeing completely different results in the Serial Monitor than what you would expect, because it's actually showing you what happened some time ago.

This issue is tracked here:
Serial Monitor update rate issue. · Issue #79 · arduino/arduino-ide · GitHub
Hopefully the IDE developers will be able to improve the performance in the near future.

Error code arduino from instructions web site information..
View: Running Visual Studio Code on Linux

I'am used windows 10 .. no linux.

Error code arduino from instructions web site information..
View: Running Visual Studio Code on Linux

I'am used windows 10 .. no linux.

Hi @gigetto1982. This is a known bug:

It does not indicate any real problem. Please just ignore it. Hopefully the Arduino IDE 2.x developers will have it fixed in one of the upcoming releases.

I had a similar problem with IDE 2.0 beta 5 in an Arduino UNO.
When running the example of the FreeRtos library called Blink_AnalogRead.ino, there is a long delay until data are presented at the serial monitor.
There is a delay of more than 20 seconds until the current values from Analog Input A0 are displayed on the serial monitor.
Running the same program in IDE 1.8.13, this delay does not occur on the serial monitor.

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