Confusing toolbar in "Getting started" pages


I offered a Uno to my son for christmas, and we stayed stuck the whole day on "getting started". I found our error, but after installing the ide on three different systems (w8.1, w7, os x). We were in trouble because 1) we never seen the IDE toobar as : 2) as we are french, we use the IDE in french, and "Téléverser" is an ugly translation for "Upload" (somewhere correct, but so few used that it is confusing).

As we never seen the toolbar as in the "Getting started" page (older version of tge IDE ?), we thought that the Uno had not been completly recognized ; until we tried the "téléverser" button.

Now I switched the IDE to "english", it will be easier for my son to follow english tutorials.

So two things :

  1. the toolbar is not the correct one in "getting started" (windows and os x) ;
  2. "Upload" is a better translation for "Upload" than "Téléverser" :slight_smile:

Bonne journée,