Confusion about Serial (UART)

Hi there! I'm currently getting started with my first Arduino UNO project: using a HC-05 Bluetooth module to communicate with my smartphone. Right now I'm a little confused about how to connect the module (RX/TX) with my Arduino.

  • Should/can/must I use the Hardware-Serial RX/TX Pins on the Arduino?
  • Or are these Ports reserved for communication with the PC?
  • What happens if the Arduino, the HC-05 and the PC read/write at the same time?
  • Should I rather use the Software Serial?
  • How can I communicate with the PC and the HC-05 at once?
  • What would be best if I only need bluetooth and don't want to communicate with the PC?

Any advice would be highly appreciated :) Thanks!

can't use one hardware port for two functions. software serial would be best. is usb not plugged in, you are free to use hardware serial with bluetooth.